Purchasing a Home?

Which buyer are you?
Need to sell your home?

The HBP guarantee provides you security to move forward with a new home purchase without the worry of selling your existing home. We do this by removing the “contingency to sell other property” and save you THOUSAND OF DOLLARS IN REALTOR FEES!!
Nothing to sell; ready to buy?

We can accommodate your needs whether you are purchasing a resale, a new construction home ready to move in or you are building from the ground up.
Currently in a lease?

Home prices are going up fast! Interest rates are on the rise!! Don’t let your current lease stop you from taking advantage of the current prices and rates. The Home Buyout Program can buyout your current lease with no risk of losing your deposit or damaging your credit. Contact us for a free lease assessment.

Buyers Process

Step 1
Initial Consultation
We’ll discuss your needs, priorities and determine your time frame. During this consultation, we’ll identify your home search criteria. If you’re not already connected with a lender we will give you a list of trusted lenders to choose from.
Step 2
Set Up Property Portal & Begin Your Online Search
Based on the criteria you provided we will create your property portal which will email you new listings as they become available & allows you to save favorites/possibilities, add comments & remove properties that you don’t like.
Step 3
Let’s get out and Look.
The search process can be daunting because after you look at many properties they all begin to run together. We will guide you through a step-by-step process to help make the search as strategic and simple as possible.
Step 4
We found a home, Let’s make an offer
You found a home and want to make an offer. This is where we earn our value. With thousands of transactions of experience, we are experts at navigating through the negotiation process. We’ll run a comparative market analysis to determine the fair market value of the property. We make an offer and negotiate the best terms possible. Everyone agreed to the terms and conditions and we’re under contract.
Step 5
Contract to Close
Congratulations we are now under contract. You will need to deposit earnest money (typically 1%) with a title company & write a check to the sellers for your option fee (typically $200-$500 depending on the price of the home.) We’ll have 5-10 days to have the property inspected and negotiate any repairs. The inspection will typically cost $400-500, which is the last check you will write before closing. Closings are typically 30-45 days from the contract date. Our team has a designated contract to close coordinator who takes care of the MANY details to ensure we stay on track for a successful closing.
Step 6
After Closing
It usually takes a few hours for the mortgage companies to move the money("funding"). Once funding has happened you will get the keys to your new house!! TIME TO CELEBRATE!!
The Lease Buyout

Through special arrangements, Matthews team will buy out your lease so you can buy a new home now! At absolutely no cost to you! Get your deposit back, and protect your good credit. Don't let a great deal on a new home get away just because your lease isn't up yet.
1. We examine your lease (Free & 100% confidential).
2. We offer you the means to buyout your remaining lease term based on qualification guidelines.
3. Then you can decide whether to stay where you are now or to buy your new home!
4. HBP does not contact landlord/property management
Reach out now to find out more information about our Home Buyout Program